Used Canon Lenses

Why Buy Used Lenses?

Lenses are becoming more and more expensive every year that goes by. Many professional photographers though are turning to buying used gear as a way to cut down on expenses. Although having a new lens is always great, a used lens can also come in handy when trying to save money. It's always an alternative when looking for lenses that are just as good as new ones. There are many reasons to buy a used lens over a new one. Check out a couple reasons....

1) Look to Buy from a Trust Worthy Source
When looking to buy a used lens you want to make sure you choose from the most reputable source out there. Most of the time you will immediately think about turning to eBay but there are also other places to buy used gear from such as forums. Usually these places have a way to check reliability ranking and you are also able to see and leave feedback if necessary. This makes it harder for the person selling the lens to try to fool or scam you. When purchasing the lens you want to make sure to grab the full information of the seller as well as see if they offer a return in case something is wrong with the lens.

2) Take Your Laptop or Computer
Taking your laptop or computer will help you identify if there are any issues with the lens by looking for AF inaccuracies or any centering defects.

3) Check Optimal Conditions
You want to check the used lens for many things. Look for any Fungus, Scratches or Duct on the used canon lens. Best way to check for theses issues is to shine a light through the lens and see if there are any imperfections visible. Major scratches and Dust spots are to be considered, small ones should not be an issue. Also on used lenses be sure to check both the Rear and Front elements for any imperfections and if you do find any make sure the price reflects them. Stay away from Lenses with Fungus!

Having a well centered lens is also very important. Never buy a used canon lens that is not mounted in the center. To test if the lens is center mounted shoot at things with much detail such as a brick wall. Both sides of the frame should be evenly sharp, if they are then you know the lens is fine, if one side is more sharp than the other then there will be a problem. These centering issues can be fixed but it adds to the price of your used lens.

4) Check Mechanical Conditions

There are many things you want to look at when considering a used canon lens especially the mechanical parts. Be sure to check for any scratches or dents on the body. Usually this will tell you how the previous owner treated his equipment and whether it will last down the road. Again nothing major is going to be an issue, be weary though if there is a big dent or scratch on it. Make sure no screws have been tampered with, if so try to find out why and best thing is to just stay away from it.

Another thing to look at is the Zoom and Focus rings on the lens. Typically the Zoom ring will offer some resistance but it should Never be wobbly or even lose. In most cases is the lens has been used a lot it will have less resistance. In either case both the Lenses Zoom and Focus ring should be smooth and not too hard or too soft.

5) Check Auto Focus Operations

If the lens you are looking into is equipped with Auto Focus be sure to test it out. Speeds will always vary from camera to camera but in all cases the auto focus should be smooth. Having the lens run through the scale in an expected pace is a good way to test the lens to make sure it is functioning correctly. Also you want to make sure it is accurate. Try to focus on both the minimum focus distance as well as the infinity focus.

Be Sure You Double Check!

Most of the time things that sound good to be true are just that. The same can be said when it comes to buying a used canon lens or body. When inspecting the lens or body be very thorough and if you feel uneasy about it then just don't go through with it. In the end you will be living with this lens.



50mm 1.4

50mm 1.8


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